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New Product Customization: Micro Gear Pump (Booster Pump)


New Product Customization: Micro Gear Pump (Booster Pump)


Oriwen Fluidics and our senior industry partners jointly launched various types of micro pumps to support custom designs. Miniature gear pumps are an important category, with flow rates from 0-5 L/min and pressures from 0-30 bar. The pump head housing is all made of 316 stainless steel, the product is ultra-quiet (<70dBA), low pulsation (<0.1 bar), small size, light weight, strong weather resistance, and can be used continuously in -40°C -60°C environment. 



1. Quantitative analysis equipment, quantitative extraction equipment, etc.

2. Cooling, liquid circulation equipment

3. Adding materials, flavoring equipment, etc.

4. Inkjet printer, inkjet printer, etc.

5. Food equipment, medical equipment, electricity, tobacco equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and spraying equipment.


Performance & Features

1. 316 stainless steel pump body to ensure no rust

2. PTFE mechanical static seal, fluorine / EPDM O-type interface seal to ensure no leakage

3. Special coating technology, modified gear pump material to ensure extremely low wear

4. Can transport toxic and highly corrosive liquids

5. Low pulsation, low noise, can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption

6. Light weight and small size, good helper for OEM equipment

Micro pumps are widely used. Welcome to consult us at anytime.

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