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Oriwen Fluidics has gradually launched electric, pneumatic, manual, and integrated module pinch valves in addition to solenoid pinch valves in recent years based on customer specific applications or customized needs. For example, the Electric Pinch Valve has a larger pinch diameter, greater hardness, greater clamping force, large opening, high pressure resistance, and is compatible with pipe fittings of different specifications and diameters. It is the best choice for high-hardness Shore A hoses.

* Brushless motor pinch valve: The motor drives the screw to self-lock to achieve hose clamping.

* Stepper motor pinch valve: Through high and low level pulses, the drive controller can control the valve from fully open to closed or any position in between, achieving precise proportional control.

* Pilot gas pinch valve (normally open, normally closed): The pinch valve actuator is driven by external pilot compressed air to clamp or close the hose.

* Manual pinch valve: controlled manually, the operation is simple and convenient.

* Modular custom integration: Installation space can be reduced through pinch valve integration. (A full range of customized solutions can be provided)

Typical application fields of Pneumatic and Electrical Pinch Valves

1. Biopharmaceuticals and bioprocessing

2. Tangential flow filtration

3. Food and beverage packaging

4. Chromatography system

5. Disposable bioreactor

6. Peritoneal dialysis equipment

7. Industrial inkjet printing

8. Ion radio frequency instrument

9. Water quality sampling instruments

10. Vending machines

11. Drone agriculture and plants

... ....

We realize that many applications require customized solutions. Our design and prototyping expertise allows us to make simple modifications to standard products to provide fully custom designs. Many of the electric pinch valves we sell are customized to a certain extent. Customized services include (but are not limited to):

* Materials of construction

* Logo/label

* Length and style of connecting wire

* Electrical Interface


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