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  • Manual pinch valve
Manual pinch valve

Manual pinch valve


Custom Pinch Valve 

What is introduced here is our customized version of the pinch valve that is already successfully used in different industries. The price will be slightly higher than that of the solenoid pinch valve and the conventional electric pinch valve.

We provide four customized options: brushless motor pinch valve, stepper motor pinch valve, manual pinch valve and pneumatic pinch valve.

1. The outer diameter of applicable pipe/tubing/hose fittings is OD 1.6mm ~ OD 22mm (for non-silicone pipe fittings, please provide pipe fittings of specific materials for us to facilitate customization).


OD 1.6~6.4 mm

OD 6.4~9.5 mm

OD 9.5~13 mm

OD 13~16 mm

OD 16~22 mm

2. Features and applications. The size of the customized pinch valve is a little larger than the regular model, but the pinching effect is very good, which solves the problems of ordinary pinch valves such as not being able to clamp tightly, generating heat, and easy pipe blockage. The practical application range is wide, and successful cases include sweepers, RV extraction systems, pharmaceutical processing, inkjet printing, cement plants, paint factories, coffee machines, beer breweries, etc.

3. Customized models such as brushless motor electric pinch valves are usually delivered in 3 weeks. Please contact first to see if it is in stock.

4. Modular custom integration: through pinch valve integration, installation space can be reduced.


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