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Solenoid Pinch Valve and the Application Instruments

Solenoid Pinch Valve and the Application Instruments

What is a solenoid pinch valve?
The pinch valve is actuated by an electromagnetic solenoid and controls the fluid path by squeezing or loosening the hose (tubings).
After the electromagnetic solenoid is energized, the push rod connected with the armature moves under the action of electromagnetic force.
After the electromagnetic solenoid is powered off, the push rod is reset under the action of the spring, so that the hose returns to the original normally open or normally closed state.

Features of solenoid pinch valve
◇Smooth shut-off of the liquid path: The pinch valve produces the smallest pressure difference on the liquid path, which is very important for controlling the flow stability downstream of the liquid path.
Particle resistance: The pinch valve can handle solutions containing particles.
Zero dead volume, the medium is only in contact with the hose: no cross-contamination occurs during continuous injection.
Easy to use and easy to maintain: Only need to replace the pipe fittings.

Application introduction of electromagnetic pinch valve
IVD industry, mainly used for tablet machine, plate washer, hemocytometer, electrolyte testing, saccharification analyzer, urine testing, stool testing, etc.
In the environmental testing industry, it is mainly used for sewage sampling of water quality testing instruments, waste discharge after reaction, ammonia nitrogen/multi-parameter sample/reagent sampling, etc.
Other instruments, involving particulate matter in the flow path, require sample isolation, frequent maintenance and other requirements.
Food and beverage industry equipment, mainly used for the transportation and liquid separation of juice, milk and beer, etc.
Solenoid pinch valves produced or co-produced by Oriwen Fluidics are suitable for the following equipment (The following is a display of some cooperative equipment):

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