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  • Ferrules Washer
Ferrules Washer

Ferrules Washer

Ferrules Washer Joint

*Tefzel® or PEEKTM gaskets compatible with biochemical reagents

*Internal volume minimization

*Specially designed for solenoid valves and shallow plastic threads

*The pipe will not deform when screwed into the threaded port

*Sealing pressure up to 500PSI (34bar)


Items parameter
Material Science Ferrules: 316 stainless steel washer: Tefzel® or PEEKTM
Tube OD 1.6mm(1/16"),2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm and 3.2mm(1/8")

Applicable Tubing Fittings

Hard Tubing Fitting Nuts gasket material       Matching pipe fitting materials  
      stainless steel  

Operating Principle
1. Cut the end of pipe fittings flat
2. Press the washer into the stainless steel ferrules with a special tool to fix it. At this time, the washer should be on the same plane as the end of the pipe fitting
3. Due to the different angles between the gasket and the ferrules, it will cause extrusion and help fit with the pipe fittings to achieve the sealing effect
4. Gaskets, ferrules and pipe fittings are permanently fixed together, making this type of Fitting Nuts especially suitable for repeated connection and disassembly
5. The threaded sleeve is assembled behind the ferrules washer
6. Screw the threaded sleeve into the corresponding 1 / 4 "- 28UNF or M6 port until hand tight, and the seal is formed

Dimension Diagram

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