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  • TL00-700M General Purpose Peristaltic Pump
TL00-700M General Purpose Peristaltic Pump

TL00-700M General Purpose Peristaltic Pump


TL00-700M General Purpose Peristaltic Pump




Adding auxiliary materials during plastic processing, large-dose canning of raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry, quantitative addition of chocolate food...


System Composition and Flow Range



 Pump head



 Flow (ml/min)

 Weight (kg)




73# 82#

(Wall thickness 3.3mm)




73# 82#

(Wall thickness 3.3mm)




The above reference flow uses 25°water as the medium, and the data is measured under the same water pressure.

PC: Polycarbonate PPS: Polyphenylene sulfide PSF: Polysulfone

SS: Stainless steel ABS: Engineering plastic material


Technical Specification

Speed resolution1.0rpm

Speed ​​range: 1.0 ~ 600rpm forward and reverse (reversible)

Adjustment method: easy to clean, membrane button, continuously, simple and intuitive

Display: LCD digital high-definition screen, displaying all the working status

External control interface: start-stop, forward-reversible, speed (0~5V, 4~20mA, TTL speed control)

Power supplyAC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Applicable pump headYZ3515 (plastic housing), YY3515(matte frosted surface of aluminum housing)

Motor: (Made in Japan) stepper motor or brushless DC motor (accuracy reaches 1%)

Power consumption: 120W

Pump housing materials: PPS, PC, PSF, POM, AL, ABS, rotor material: SS

Memory function: it automatically saves the state parameters during operation after shutdown or power failure. The control card installed at the back of the chassis can accept 4-20mA or 0-10V analog automatic control signals to realize remote control direction conversion and on/off; speed can be manually adjusted, or can also be carried out through the external control interface for automatic control or foot control; and can be accurately canned.

Working environment: ambient temperature -10~50, relative humidity <80%

Dimensions: length x width x height 300x275x250 (mm) (without pump head)


Tubings data required

Materials, ID (inch/mm) OD (inch/mm) and Wall thickness (inch/mm), etc.


Other Models Recommendation

TL00-100M (0.05 ~470ml/min)

TL00-200M (0.05~520ml/min)

TL00-300M (0.05 1250ml/min)

TL00-600M (0.05-2300ml/min)